Jack Hale

Jack has been training under coach Adam Larcom officially since June 2018. Jack’s program with Adam includes all aspects of the program including speed, strength, plyometric, mobility, physiotherapy and program planning and development.


In season 2018, Jack ran in the 100m 10.10 (-2.1), 10.23 (0.3), 10.23 (0.4), 10.25 (-0.6). In addition Jack ran in the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the men’s 4x100m for Australia. Jack ran excellent legs in both the heat and final with Australia running 38.59. At present Jack also receives regular remedial massage from Australian team masseur Harley Wallis. In 2019 Jack has currently run 10.23, 10.25, 10.18 and 10.12.

Career Highlights

  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Goldcoast Australia men's 4x100m (4th)
  • 2016 World Junior Athletics Championships
  • 2016 National Championships, 100m, SILVER
  • 2016 National Junior Championships, 100m, SILVER
  • 2015 Australian All Schools, 100m, GOLD

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