-Focuses on correcting symptomatic or abnormal body mechanics or movements
-Targets musculoskeletal injuries which incorporates any physical condition involving the muscles, joints and/or nerves

Our physiotherapists in Essendon have years of experience treating injuries suffered through sport. This includes any physical condition involving the muscles, joints or nerves. Every physiotherapist at MCAP analyses the underlying cause of your pain. Following this, we aim to address the problem rather than just treat the symptoms. As a result, this technique allows you to return to training as soon as possible.

If you’re in need of Physiotherapy, MCAP in Essendon is for all members of the community as well as those aspiring to be an elite athlete.

Our program includes exclusive use of all gym equipment to enhance your rehab. In addition, our gym facility is a great resource in returning to both local and high level sport. Furthermore, you will be guided through strength-building exercises under the watchful eye of our physiotherapists.

Above all, it is vital to allow challenging rehabilitation to take place. This is what will allow you to reach new heights of recovery and performance in your sport. Similarly, our Essendon physiotherapists use a variety of techniques and skills that have been refined over many years.

Furthermore, a tailored home exercise program will usually be prescribed to you. This ensures that the gains received within treatment sessions are maintained. As a result, this will allow you to regain your performance level sooner.

For any patients who may not be able to attend the clinic in person we do also offer Online Telehealth consultations. These appointments run similarly to a video conference and can be booked through our website for selected practitioners or by contacting our clinic number on 1300 116 227.


Our Approach


Above all, we find the underlying cause of the pain or problem, assist in managing the immediate injury and apply best-practice symptom relief techniques

Treatment & Rehabilitation

We use a variety of cutting edge techniques to relieve your pain and improve your body’s mechanics. Furthermore, we take a dynamic physiotherapy approach to assist you to return quickly and safely to your sport.

Performance Enhancement

Following this, we use our Strength & Conditioning knowledge to optimise and enhance your sporting performance and improve your injury resilience long-term.

Our practiced techniques include:

  • Manual Techniques (mobilisations / massage / manipulations)
  • Strapping / Taping
  • Dry Needling
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Posture Analysis
  • Gait and Running Analysis

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