Elite group training.

Capitalise on the individual support of our specialised trainers in a motivated and energised group environment.

The intimacy of our group programs ensure our sessions are tailored to each individual athlete’s sport, goals and abilities with 1-on-1 coaching and instructions for their prescribed exercises. Supervision of the session is shared equally between the athletes.

Our group program allows for a more cost-effective option for aspiring athletes, whilst also promoting a positive team culture throughout the gym. These sessions build social ties amongst our athletes and allow for the sharing of knowledge between those of different abilities, ages and sporting backgrounds.

Unconditional excellence.

Our group sessions span over two main performance categories that work to build distinction across both indoor strength and conditioning and outdoor sprint and conditioning.

The indoor strength and conditioning sessions are practiced within MCAP’s state of the art training facilities. This program aims to develop the fundamental fitness capacities that underpin sporting performance through building strength, power, speed, stability and mobility in a supervised and progressive manner.

Our outdoor sprint/conditioning sessions focus on developing the biomechanics and conditioning for sprint/agility speed.

Young Athletes

It is advised that younger athletes wanting to improve their speed complete one indoor strength and conditioning session in the gym and one outdoor speed session per week to maximise performance, growth and improvement – you must first be strong before you can be fast.

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