For the ultimate focus, go 1 on 1 in our Private Strength Training

At MCAP, our Private Strength Training athletes have access to our Performance/Strength and Conditioning coaches 1:1. Furthermore, these sessions are both indoor, strength & conditioning and outdoor, conditioning or speed mechanics sessions. This training allows for greater time spent both in the analysis and implementation of training sessions.

As a result, these sessions are ideal for professional or semi-professional athletes. Because we have more time to spend in a one-on-one, it allows for collaboration between athlete and coach. The ability of an athlete to have input in their program is important to improve performance.

Upgrade your offseason with private strength training.

At MCAP, we often have athletes who do private training with us for a segment of their offseason. This is because it allows them to stay in shape, while being in a fresh environment. Our coaches are then able to communicate with sports clubs, which is helpful for players returning to team training.

Train in a setting that respects the elite.

The training centre at MCAP Essendon hosts Eleiko weights, TechnoGym machines and bar velocity measures. We also have the ability to assess running technique on the spot with our delayed video screens.

Furthermore, our Coaches know and understand Elite Athletes. We have worked alongside some of the best in the country, across a wide range of sports. As a result, we are incredibly adaptable and have the capacity to work with any athlete.

For younger emerging athletes, we recommend our Group Strength training sessions. These sessions are done in groups of 6 and are ideal for developing the basic skills required for strength training.

Train while your competition sleeps.


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