The answer is, probably no one. You just started playing sport, which involved running, so you just kind of worked it out.

However, do you get pain when you WALK, JOG, RUN or SPRINT?

Maybe your knee gets sore when you walk the dog on your Sunday neighbourhood stroll?

Maybe you love to jog around the Maribyrnong River but you get pain in your achilles when you first push off?

Maybe your shins get sore when you put those running spikes on at the track?

A lot of active individuals get pain when they try to be healthy and walk, jog or run. Often, it’s due to an issue in their technique, that changes the forces that go through their joints.

Not sure if you’ve got great running style? Why not find out!

Melbourne Centre for Athletic Performance offers gait analysis services at both our Brunswick and Essendon Centres, ready to help you.

Want to cut straight to the chase? Book here & request a ‘gait analysis’: https://bookings.nookal.com/bookings/location/VUAKN

How does a ‘Gait Analysis’ work?

  • We first will ask questions about your pain.
  • Then we may do some short testing to identify the source of pain
  • Following this, we can then watch and film you walk, jog or run using the latest video technology.
  • After filming, your physio can talk you through what is happening, why it’s occurring and provide you with the guidance or treatments you need to get back to doing what you love.
  • Finally, we might even then and there give you tips about how to change your technique and practice in that session!

Rest assured, our clinicians have experience with individuals from recreational – international level, with specialised training to help you get back moving again.  Click HERE to learn more about our team of experienced clinicians.

How will it help me?

Whether you are in pain or not, gait analysis can be a powerful tool to identify not just problems, but the causes behind them.

As a result, analysing your walking/running technique can allow your MCAP clinician to identify things such as:

1) inefficiencies in your technique.

2) muscles/joints which may be working harder than needed.

3) muscles that aren’t working hard enough.

The clinician then can provide treatments such as retraining, cues or exercises to help improve this.

Do I have to have pain to do a walking/running assessment?

Absolutely not!

Many of our clientele consult us to improve their running/jogging technique to run faster, longer and to hit personal bests in competitions.

At M-CAP we use video analysis process to help understand your strengths and weaknesses.

From there we can create a plan on how to help you achieve your goals!

What’s the next step?

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– Tom

Tom Yeung is an MCAP Physiotherapist at our Brunswick Centre. He is an elite sprinter himself, meaning he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Or ‘runs the run’, so to speak. He is well-versed in all kinds of running injuries. If you’re a runner, Tom will help you get pain-free and boost your performance.

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