Groin pain in runners: what are the causes? Sport Doctor London

Groin pain can be a problem for many running/change of direction based sports but can occur in many other scenarios as well.

What is causing my groin pain?

Depending on the type of groin pain will underpin what is causing your specific pain. Most people with groin pain will experience the onset of pain after returning back to sport following a period off or when there is a sharp spike in training load (volume or intensity). This can cause the muscles, tendons, bones, joints, ligaments, and cartilage around the groin to become overloaded and irritated. Once irritated continued play or aggravation of the groin can make the damage worse and worse until your pain will stop you from playing.

Do I need to stop my sport?

It is highly dependent on the type of groin pain and the length of time you have had your groin pain as to how long you may need off sport to get the groin back to normal. It is also highly dependent on the level of muscle function you have around the thigh, hips and abdomen. Getting on top of the pain early is key to minimising the amount of time away from your sport.

What is required to fix my groin pain?

Every groin pain will present with different underlying causes and structures that have been irritated or damaged. The rehabilitation process will therefore require different rehabilitation programs to achieve the best and fastest outcomes. After thorough questioning and physiotherapy assessment we will establish the underlying cause to your groin pain and then develop treatment and rehab goals specific to your groin pain that works for you. There will usually be some manual hands on therapy and a progression of different exercises to get you back to your sport sooner.

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