Our staff are passionate about delivering the finest care to achieve the greatest results possible with respect to your injuries. We achieve results by adopting a comprehensive 4 stage approach that targets all aspects of your injury.


1. Accurate diagnosis

Correct diagnosis is essential to the recovery journey. We’re not into bandaid solutions. We dig deeper than where your pain is now, because we want to know what caused it.

Through performing a complete assessment of your injury history, presenting problem and observing your functional movement patterns, our team are aided in identifying and managing the source of pain or discomfort.

Unlike many other practices, we have a large gym space – which makes watching how you move incredibly efficient.

2. Cure the cause.

Once we know the cause, it’s time to get to work. While we do strive to get you pain-free ASAP, we aim for more than just treating the symptoms.

Our detailed diagnosis allows us to target the specific causes for your injury (hint: there’s usually more than one!) and correct them.

We are very passionate about not over-treating your injury with too many appointments – we’re healthcare professionals, not business people. So if you don’t need another appointment, we wont tell you that you do.

3. Injury Prevention

Once the injury is resolved, we are determined to prevent it from happening again, because we know you don’t have time to deal with injuries all the time – you’ve got life to do.

We work with you to prevent future injuries by giving you the tools to deal with any flare-ups that happen in the future. We call this a ‘injury management plan’, because we understand that you are the expert in your own body. This means can go home and keep yourself happy, healthy and injury free.

4. High Performance Development

Our aim is to improve your performance above and beyond your existing ability. Sports medicine is not just about recovery, it’s about freeing you from limitations and finding a deeper understanding what your body needs to perform at its best. At MCAP our high performance coaches and broader team knows the intricacies behind all aspects of high performance athlete development to help you achieve greater results in your sport.

Our Services

We specialise in an extensive list of sports medicine conditions, providing care for anything from growing pains to injury rehabilitation.

Our areas of treatment expertise include:

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