• Focuses on correcting symptomatic or abnormal body mechanics or movements
  • Targets musculoskeletal injuries which incorporates any physical condition involving the muscles, joints and/or nerves

Our physiotherapists have years of experience treating musculoskeletal injuries, which incorporates any physical condition, which is involving the muscles, joints or nerves. They analyse the underlying cause of your pain and aim to address the problem rather than just treat the symptoms. This will enable you to get back to your sport faster whilst also preventing it from happening again.

We have exclusive use of all the gym equipment to get the most out of your rehab. This is very helpful with returning to both local and high-level sport as you can be guided and supervised under the watchful eye of our Physiotherapists. It is vital within the sporting population to allow dynamic yet challenging rehabilitation to take place with the relevant equipment allowing you to reach new heights of recovery and performance.

Our Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques and skills that have been refined with great success over the years. They also develop new skills and expertise regularly with the professional development courses and in-services that they attend. This ensures that the best possible care is being provided to you. A tailored home exercise program will usually be prescribed to you to take home to ensure that the gains received within treatment sessions are maximised and this will help you get back to feeling 100% sooner.

Physiotherapy is available for all members of the community in addition those aspiring to be an elite athlete.

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