Melbourne Centre for Athletic Performance (MCAP) was established in 2018 by Elite High Performance Coach and Physiotherapist, Adam Larcom. Our goal is to help everyone to achieve their absolute best. As a result, we want to provide an elite environment for both established athletes and young aspiring athletes. One of our core values is inclusivity, and everyone is welcome. Therefore, we offer our services to both elite athletes and the wider community.

Our Essendon physiotherapy clinic is located at 975 Mt Alexander Road, Essendon. This clinic is designed for athletes who want to achieve their highest potential.

Our Brunswick Pilates clinic is located at 455 Victoria Street, Brunswick West. This is a smaller hub of our Essendon clinic, but services Pilates exclusively from weekend warriors to elite athletes.

Established in 2017, we are slowly becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for sportspeople. Most of our referrals come from word of mouth – which says a lot.

We provide Physiotherapy, Strength & Conditioning, Podiatry, Massage and Pilates in Essendon and Brunswick West. Our expert physiotherapists, podiatrists and massage therapists make MCAP a ‘home for the elite and the weekend warrior’.


What we do

The Melbourne Centre for Athletic Performance (MCAP) combines Strength and Conditioning and Sports Physiotherapy within the same centre so that we have a professional approach to elite athlete conditioning and rehabilitation. We are confident in the quality of our services because our performance coaches have trained some of Australia’s best sporting teams and athletes and our facilities are second to none.

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MCAP was established with a vision.

Overall, our aim was to create an environment that is world class for Australians to experience. MCAP’s director and high performance coach Adam Larcom has coached across the world, from England, Russia, Germany and China to Qatar and the USA. These environments have given Adam a variety of experiences to know how to provide a world class environment to prepare an athlete with world class equipment. 

MCAP’s environment provides elite standards and allows our athletes to succeed in developing to be the best they can be in their sport/s. As can be seen in the final result, MCAP Essendon is a level above. To experience the MCAP effect, you need to see it for yourself.

A world class environment with world class equipment.

Do you want to train around other like-minded athletes at both elite and aspiring-to-be-elite levels? We made MCAP for you.

At our Essendon Centre, we use Eleiko weight plates and bars, Eliteform bar speed measurement and Instant Video feedback for running analysis. We have Technogym curve treadmills to enhance running gait and both an indoor and outdoor astroturf area for sport specific conditioning. This is because we believe that elite performers need the best equipment.

Inspiration for our space was gathered by MCAP Director Adam Larcom. Adam has worked internationally for over 15 years, from gyms in the USA, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Qatar and many other countries around the world. This is reflected in the design of our Essendon High Performance space – the only one of it’s kind in Melbourne.

At Brunswick we seek to provide the high quality Pilates services people have come to know and value. We also work closely with Max Results Personal Training Studio. This studio is located in the same building as our Brunswick clinic, and we are lucky to use the gym space for all of our exercise rehabilitation. As a result, we work closely with Max Results staff because we want their clients to have the best access to sports medicine services.

Are you keen to learn more about how our MCAP team can help you? Find out about our Sports Medicine services, or check out our Elite Training facilities.

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