Our team includes professionals who work within the fields of elite sport both from a clinical setting and directly within the sporting domain. Across our team, our experience includes working in both individual and team based sport.

Our team has real sports experience.

  • Athletics at an Olympic, World Championships and Commonwealth Games level
  • AFL and AFLW football
  • Coates League Cup
  • Australian Rugby
  • International tournaments in China
  • Basketball

Our staff are chosen very carefully. Not only for their knowledge and expertise, but their passion for and commitment to delivering exceptional results. This helps our clients and patients get the best out of themselves. In doing so, our centre is an incredibly fun and exciting environment for everyone to train in. Collectively, our team aims to provide a professional service in a friendly environment which allows the athlete to achieve their potential.

We welcome everyone and we educate each other.

Our staff celebrate diversity and welcome each and every person that walks through MCAP’s doors. With a wide range of age and cultural experiences, our staff are constantly sharing what we know. This ensures we are each at the cutting edge of the latest knowledge. We also have staff occasionally travelling interstate and overseas to work for sports teams. These experiences allow for great learning. The learnings lead to improvements in the results we see in the clinic, but also encourage us to share what we know.

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