Have you been diagnosed with a Frozen Shoulder and not sure what to do next? MCAP Physio can help.

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Frozen Shoulder is a difficult condition that can you leave you feeling exhausted from the debilitating pain. Furthermore, it can be frustrating when cant complete everyday tasks such as not be able to pick up a kettle, when you used to be very active.

As a result, treatment for this condition needs to be specific and detailed, with a focus on active exercises. Consequently, MCAP Physiotherapists in Brunswick & Essendon are skilled in treating this condition in an active manner.

What is Frozen Shoulder?

The term ‘frozen’ refers to a loss of movement and a feeling of stiffness in the shoulder. Therefore, for many people, they are unable to lift their arm above their head. It is currently unknown why this condition develops, and while it has been termed ‘adhesive capsulitis’ in the past, there is no current evidence to show actual adhesion of the capsule. However, we do know that the condition worsens over time, often called the ‘freezing’ period of the condition.

What are the symptoms of this condition?

Patients often report a constant dull ache which turns to a sharp pain when raising the arm above head. Furthermore, this pain can be located at the front or back of the shoulder, and often radiates to the upper arm area.

How long does it take to recover from Frozen Shoulder?

Above all, in this condition, symptoms get worse before they get better. As a result, the ‘freezing’ period can take between 3 months – 1 year, with symptoms reducing between 1 – 3 years with no treatment.

Can physio help for Frozen Shoulder?

Yes. Foremost, the aim of physiotherapy is to restore movement and reduce pain, therefore speeding up the ‘freezing’ and ‘thawing’ process.

Furthermore, hydrodilatation is a treatment that can help some people with this condition. Regardless of whether this procedure is right for you, you will require physiotherapy afterwards to restore strength, movement and function of the arm and shoulder.

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