Challenging Reformer Pilates classes run by a physio in a fun environment.


Reformer Pilates is a 60 minute class that focuses on posture, core strengthening, balance, control, strength and flexibility. Often used in conjunction with physical therapy, Reformer Pilates is essential for strengthening core and stabilisation muscles to support and align your posture and spine.

Our Reformer Pilates is particularly helpful for those suffering from lower back pain or stiffness, and is a form of exercise that improves body mechanics, efficiency and performance.

Our session is conducted using specialised reformer beds and run by our qualified physiotherapists Tom Yeung and Leah Oswald with a maximum of 6 participants per class.

There is undoubtedly many benefits to Pilates. In particular, these include:

  • Increased Athletic Performance
  • Improve Core Stability
  • Enhanced Posture
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Improve Muscle Strength and Coordination
  • Improve Balance
  • Abdominal shaping and toning
  • Overall Fitness and Strength

Our Process

If you are a previous client of ours, have no new injuries and have completed a class before you can simply book online using our “book now” function. If you are a new patient, have a current injury or are new to Pilates we highly recommend you contact our reception desk on 1300 116 227 to book in for a 1:1 private session with a physio before commencing group classes.

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